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  1. Affordability

    Without question, Elvis is the most affordable campus management system on the market today.  We don’t charge you for modules, and we don’t charge extra for certain features.  You get our ENTIRE system at a very reasonable price tag. 

  2. Usability/ Flexibility

    We focus on simplicity and usability by avoiding cluttering interface and complex task for user experience.

  3. Completely Web-Based

    It means you have secure access to all your data on your fingertip at any time from any computer, anywhere. You also get an additional option if needed, where we host the application, and hence you don’t need to maintain a server, and you don’t need to worry about IT problems or data backup.  We take care of everything. 

  4. Security

    All of your data is completely safe, secure, firewalled, password-protected and more. We also provide User Privileges which enable you to assign task for each one of your employees by safeguarding all your confidential data.

  5. Customized

    Elvis offers a rock solid theme back-end with tons of useful tools and options.